Find new ways to be productive

Friyay keeps any team organized, together and on track - your way

multipurpose workspace

that keeps everything and everyone together

In friyay, everything is organized in Views: knowledge, projects, tasks, files, notes, conversations, pages - whatever you need

Productivity toolbox


Bring information at your finger tips with friyay's editor


Get everyone on the same page with a crisp action plan


Instantly know what the heck is going on

entirely customizable

the freedom to work your way

Customize your Views with Lenses to visualize, filter, sort, group and design however you like it

Combine and Stack Views 

Just get started and add whatever you need to set things in motion

The friyay community is on a mission

Are you a fit? Always looking for better ways? Try new tools?

You're a


You have more balls in the air than .... Like tinkering? You know how to use technology to your advantage

You work autonomously

You are a go-getter, you need no hand holding - you get stuff done one way or the other

In your mind there are no limits

You like to push the boundaries, pioneer new terrain

Configure your own Lenses

Your own Lenses will make you the most productive person on the planet

Works for everyone on the team

Each team member can configure their own lenses - for better planning, more focus, faster collaboration and better visibility


Lenses for sprints, lists, timelines, action plans, boards, workflows, calendars with

infinite levels of organization


Lenses to move your work forward and organize your tasks, notes, files and pages


Lenses with a gazillion ways to track: project speed, ETA, completion, log time, estimation, sheets, velocity, budget 

'This is an entirely new level of productivity'

Jeroen - SoldIt

The world is your office

Now that everything and everyone is in one place, it's easy to be productive across locations, timezones, roles and teams - the freedom to work your way

Easily jump in to collaborate

Real-time visibility

Keep everyone moving in the same direction

Nothing falls through the cracks