for Jeroen, it's about speed

Jeroen leads a distributed marketing team - a self organized team with the help of friyay


team members quickly get up to speed on the mission, goals, way of working, customers, projects and other useful info 


knowledge needed to get things done is easily shared and accessible in various wikis and qa's - everyone can contribute best practices and lessons learned


for each project, all information is centralized to keep everyone on the same page: objectives, milestones, scope, meeting notes, proposals, research, ideas, files 


work is broken down in action plans and assigned to team members with start and due dates - it includes details defining the task, work in progress and deliverables.

work in progress

with the weekly spread it's easy to see who is working on what when and what has been worked on when - it gives real-time visibility of work in progress across the team


in a snapshot, the team sees how projects are doing and act before something goes off the rails - and dive deeper into the exceptions to see what's going on


team members earn points for completing work and for following important team routines such as adding daily updates - Jeroen increases the points of a task if he wants to speed it up


everybody can easily jump in with real-time editing and commenting to always get the best results


team members organize any way they want, without effecting the rest of the team - with personalized views, filters, grouping, sorting and designs


everyone stays in the loop through notifications - in the web app,  mobile app, Chrome extension, Slack or email


some is shared with everyone, some is kept private, sometimes a simple link is shared with an external team member - it all depends on roles - guests are for users with more restricted access and teams are used for giving access to sub groups