it's friyay and all is done! easily organize your (remote) work, team or project

however you like it!

have a plan

and make it happen

whatever the size of your project or team

it's easy to get organized and moving with friyay - it's multipurpose: plan, create, share, collaborate and track, all in one place




action plans


message board







wherever your team mates are, friyay turns your team into a self-organized team with instant visibility on what's going on

get a grip on your plans

getting out of your way, so you can work your way 

apps shouldn't be rigid and tell you how to work - friyay is entirely customizable -every team member can organize their work anyway they want - so everybody's happy

everything in one place

friyay has all the tools you need to make it happen

have a plan

create & share



have a plan

bring everyone on the same page with action plans for each initiative

what needs to get done? how much work? by when? by who? go go go! personalize it with planning views: timelines, weekly spread, sprint board, kanban, assignee board and more

keep it simple, focussed and uncluttered!

create & share

gather all the info and knowledge in one place

create any content with the rich text editor and  content views for pages, notes, files, sheets, mini wikis or full-on knowledge bases

everything at your finger tips so it's easy to find when you need it


everybody can easily jump in and contribute

edit in real time, add comments, mention team mates and keep version history

share it or keep it private - add labels for status or steps in your workflow


track progress to instantly know what's going on

who's working on what? what is at risk? is it on time? are we productive? what was done today? when will this be ready? how much time was spend on what?

see how fast tasks are going with the speed indicators - and see when the action plan or project will be completed

create an action plan for each initiative

a day with friyay

customer projects

design your way

what to organize?

Jeroen's distributed team is killing it!🤘

friyay coaches

take product tour

the world is your office

the future of work is flexible and we're loving it

friyay lets you be productive anywhere and anyway