Stay Engaged With Your Team in Friyay

Whether you work with your team remotely or in an office, staying engaged and connected with your team while you’re working is important. Friyay makes it easy to engage with your team on whatever you’re working on in Friyay via comments, @mentions, likes, feeds, and the score card. It’s easy to stay organized and engaged when everything is in one place and buzzing with activity.


With Friyay’s commenting capabilities, you and your team can easily add comments in real time to cards. The creator of the card and anyone else who has commented on the card is then notified of the comments. Commenting being tied to a card means conversations your team has related to the specific thing you are working on will always be in the same place (no more switching between a messaging platform and your project and trying to piece all of the information together).


In Friyay, you can use an @mention to get a specific person’s attention on a card via a comment. To do this, you simply type @ in the comment box, start typing the name of the person you want to mention, and then select the person (for example @Melissa). Sometimes you’ll want to use an @mention to simply notify a specific person of something you’re working on and other times you’ll want to use an @mention to request help or feedback on what you’re working on. The person you @mention will receive a notification that they were mentioned on the card.


Cards in Friyay can be “Liked” by clicking on the heart icon. This can be used as a quick indicator that one of your teammates likes something you created or are working on and vice versa.


The feed lens in Friyay is a great lens to use when you want to see quick updates from your team members in a scrollable timeline. It’s a helpful way for your team to quickly see high level information throughout the company.

Score Card

Friyay’s score card gives anyone on your team visibility into how many cards have been assigned to each person as well as if the cards are still in progress or completed and how many hours they have logged in a week.

With Friyay’s engagement features, you and your team are sure to feel connected while you’re working. Sign up for a free Friyay account and try out the engagement features with your team!