Are you encouraging your team to share what they know?

February 23, 2018


Lack of shared knowledge has always been an issue within organizations. Companies suffer because individuals are having trouble accessing the knowledge they need in order to fulfill their relevant tasks. Often, employees refuse to share the valuable information they have amongst other peers. This not only results in distrust amongst coworkers but kills any effort to get your team to collaborate with each other. Famed speaker Stephen Covey of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People once said, "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”

It is important for managers of organizations to impact the sharing culture by changing their own behavior and the atmosphere they create within their workforce. Here are some practical tips to encourage workers to “open up”:

Show the workers how knowledge benefits them. Every organization has a head manager or team leader who shows them how to do stuff, answers any queries that the employees might have and helps them succeed. If you are one of those who are leading the company, show the workers with your actions and attitude how sharing the knowledge is valuable for the company’s continued growth and improvement. 

Incorporate a reward system. Reward your employees for contributing information that is helpful to the company. 

Make knowledge sharing a requirement. Not feeling as they have enough time is one of the most common reasons individuals don’t share knowledge. Most of us feel as if we are simply too busy to attend extra workshops or trainings due to hectic work schedules. A knowledge sharing culture can be cultivated by making it a formal part of work. 

Educate workers that knowledge sharing is valuable. Of course, most workers are aware that it is helpful to learn from other people’s experience, especially their seniors at work. However, some workers are reluctant to voice or share their knowledge because they feel that their input may not be helpful enough. Each and every worker of the company holds a significant value to the company and should understand that their knowledge and experience is the most valuable asset  the company has. 

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