New Features: Notifications + New Editor!

June 20, 2017




Name Changes:


Our goal is to make the process of adopting TipHive on your team as smooth and seamless as possible. So we've changed some names on the site to make it even easier for you and your team to get started on TipHive. Thanks for all of your feedback and support!

  • What we previously called Team Domains will now be referred to as Hives

  • What we previously called Hives will now be referred to as Topics

  • What we previously called TipCards will now be referred to as Cards


New Card Editor!




We have launched our brand new Card Editor, which now makes it even easier to get started creating content! Using our new editor, you can:

  • Copy & Paste images & video inline with Card text

  • Embed images & videos into Cards

  • Have a better experience when pasting from other sources

  • For those who know HTML, you can directly edit the HTML of your Card

  • Hyperlink text




We now have notifications, which will alert you when:

  • Someone comments on a Card

  • Someone mentions you

  • Someone likes your Card

  • Someone shares or adds a new Topic


Coming Soon: New Invitations & Guest Role!


 When you invite new team members to join your company Hive, you will soon be able to decide if those users will be a member or a guest.


Guest users will not be able to see any members, group, Topics or content in your Hive that have not been directly shared with them. Choose this option for temporary team members, external partners, or customers who you want to share some content with, but do not want them to have access to everything in your company Hive.















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