How to use TipHive to Onboard New Employees

November 9, 2017

Check out how you could get started using TipHive to onboard new employees, and get a sneak peek at some of our upcoming views!


1. Use the Hexagon Layout to quickly create some structure for your new employees to follow



2. Start collecting important information to help them get started! Cards make it easy to gather a lot of information quickly and easily. 




3. Our full text editor allows you to share as much information as you need! Include hyperlinks, images, add bullet items, charts and more! Here are some examples of content you could share:






4. Use labels to mark cards when you need your new team members to quickly take action.

5. Our upcoming Magazine view will make it easy for your new team members to scan content quickly. 




6. Done! When it's time to invite your new team members, you can select which Topics will be available for them to view, and choose permission based on them being a long term or temporary team member.  





Stay tuned for more examples and use cases on how you can get started using TipHive!




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