Updates: New Card View, Archiving Cards and more!

September 14, 2017

We've been working hard the past month, and here are some of the latest changes to TipHive!


New Card View


That's right there's a new view on TipHive! On the right hand side of the screen there is now a view option labeled Card View. Clicking Card View will show all of your Cards either on the feed or in a Topic or SubTopic in an easy to skim list. Card View offers another way for you to quickly skim through the content of Cards in a Topic or SubTopic.


To help you focus on your content when using the new Card View we will collapse your Sub Topics. Click the down arrow to re-expand your SubTopics.


Archiving Cards


Archiving Cards lets you tidy up your Card feed by moving those Cards to the Archive label. Archiving Cards is like moving them to a another place for safekeeping, so you don't have to resort to just deleting old or outdated Cards.


Archived Cards can be found under 'Labels' from the right hand menu.


Minimize Cards


There is now an option to minimize cards in the upper right corner of a expanded Card. Minimizing Cards will be useful when you are actively working and need to refer back to multiple Cards. Minimizing a Card will place it in the Card dock at the bottom of your screen, and it will stay in the Card dock even if you refresh. It will also be available in new browser tabs.


When you close the Card, it will be removed from the Card dock. Click the dash in the lower right hand corner to Hide and Show the Card dock.


Cards now have timestamps!


Timestamps are located at the top of a Card, and will signify when a Card was last updated.


Comments now have more editing options!

This is especially handy if you need the use of bullets to make multiple points in your comments.


Double Click on an expanded card after opening to immediately start editing!




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