5 things you can do in TipHive

November 3, 2017

If you're still new or learning about the platform, TipHive has a lot of features designed to turn you and your team into a productive ass kicking machine! 


Here's a handy list of features on the platform to show you just how flexible TipHive can be for your use case.


1. Switch Views


We're constantly adding more and more ways to visualize your content. Views allow you to choose the best way to visualize whatever it is you're working on. Along with the standard Grid View, we have Card View, Small Grid View, List View, and Task View! Switch views to better accommodate for whatever it is you're working on.


2. Invite Guest Users

It can be frustrating finding a tool that allows you to work well with temporary team members. They need short term access, you want to be able to control what they can and can't do, and you don't want it to be too much of an IT nightmare to remove them when the time comes. So we tried to make that process as easy as possible.

When you invite someone, you can choose to invite them as a team member or a guest. For guests, you can then choose which Topics they can and cannot follow. This works great if you only need to invite them to work on one project/Topic. From there you can even decide which Cards they can and cannot see, giving you even more control over what content they can access.


3. Create Groups

For times when you need to collect many different pieces of content for a small group of people within your Hive, you can create groups. Groups allow you to create and share content that are only visible to those in the group.



4.  Use labels to streamline your workflow

On TipHive you can add labels to Cards. Labels help you give action items and priority to Cards. You can create both private and public labels, and filter Cards based on those labels. Combining labels with our new task view allows you to realize streamline your work flow!



5. Organize content anyway you want

TipHive is unique because content can belong in multiple places. You can put Cards in multiple Topics and SubTopics, which allows you to organize content the way you want!


The best thing about this is that you can put things where it makes the most sense to you, without disturbing anyone else. This allows for multiple ways to get to the content, and strengthens the search.



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