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April 12, 2018

When it comes to developing company strategies to improve growth, efficiency and productivity are two different animals entirely. For the last three decades, senior leaders have been encouraged to take an efficiency mindset to their business.

By efficiency, we mean doing the same with less. So, think of all the things your team or company has done to maximize results with the bare minimum effort or input.

But according to the Harvard Business Review- the efficient mindset should be a thing of the past.  "At a time when many companies are starved for growth, leaders must bring a productivity mindset to their business and remove organizational obstacles to workforce productivity."

Productivity vs Efficiency mindset

What's the difference? Unlike efficiency, Productivity is about doing more with the same. So finding ways to get more out of what you have. Unlike the previous trend of finding ways to be more efficient, today's business environment requires a different worldview.

Most employees want to be productive and grow, but the organization too often gets in their way. 

The HBR article goes on to state that the average company loses more than 20% of its productive capacity — more than a day each week — to what they call “organizational drag.” That's the structures and processes that consume valuable time and prevent your team from getting things done.

To put it more simply: when you are in an efficiency mindset, you are looking for ways to standardize and create workflows everyone has to follow. But this kills productivity and innovation. With a productivity mindset, you are looking for ways to unleash your team's creativity and productivity - by celebrating and combining the unique talents of each team member. 


What can your team do to be more productive?

Leverage your team's talent 

For teams to be productive, it's essential for them to not only look for ways to encourage innovation, but maximize every team member's unique talents. Your team members could bring more to their job, but many don’t capitalize on the additional ingenuity and creativity that it takes to do so. Why not? They don't feel inspired.

But the benefits are huge: inspired employees bring more energy to their work every day. One inspired employee can produce as much as 2 or more 'satisfied' employees, and be 125% MORE productive.

How can you inspire your team?

  • Find ways to let people work the way that is most natural to them

  • Give them the tools and resources that will enable them to actively participate and collaborate towards their goals 

  • Give them access to the knowledge and info they need to make informed decisions and move their work forward

What does that mean? 

Think of it this way - no one on your team works or thinks the same way. Team members have different preferences for the way they work, the tools they use, and the ways they organize and plan their day. And that's ok. If you want to maximize the input from each team member, you want to celebrate this individuality. Letting each team member work their own way is exactly how your team can be most productive, instead of forcing efficiency through one way of working. 


Each team member is unique- let them work their way

To enable that way of working, you need flexible tools and workflows. The challenges with current tools is that they don't allow for your team members to customize their workflow. These tools are rigid, and force everyone to work one way. This top down approach can lead to frustration on teams, as they are forced to adopt a different style of working then one that comes most natural to them.

Your team needs a tool that:

  • Has a flexible way of organizing information: this means everyone can put things where they want them, while still keeping info organized 

  • Will allow them to choose the UI that best compliments the way they work: so they can view content anyway they want

  • Allows them to design their own workflow - which includes setting goals, planning their content, and giving all of their work a status or action

  • Allows them to create and share anything with anyone for rapid collaboration

By adopting a productivity mindset and removing obstacles to your team's productivity, you can inspire even more of your team to go above and beyond in their day to day.

So you need to choose the right tool to maximizes individual productivity while leveraging the power of teamwork. By introducing a more organized and flexible way of working, your team will be productive like never before.


 Here's an example of how your team can personalize the organization of their content using TipHive.

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