What is Bite-Sized Information?

May 15, 2018


For teams today, most information being shared daily is Bite Sized, short pieces of information: links, quick how-to's, valuable customer insights, product specs, customer feedback, marketing ideas, meeting notes and more.


In today's fast pace world, there simply isn't time for long documents and emails anymore - short is replacing long.

The problem is that there is now an abundance of this type of content being shared- in emails, chats, notes and task apps - and there is typically no central place where this content is organized or can be easily found again. 

This content is often too short for a document (and who wants to create a whole document for a few links?), but it needs to be better organized than it would be in a email chain or chat conversation. Without a central place for your team's short form content, it's flooding your inboxes, clogging your chat channels and is lost in your shared drives.


Why is Short Content winning over long?

1. If it's long, it will be out of date by the time you're done reading it

With the speed of work rapidly increasing, there is the constant pressure on teams to innovate faster, move forward quicker to outpace competitors, and adopt newer tech to stay ahead of the curve.

Documents are no longer the go to method of sharing extensive information for one major reason. In the amount of time it would take to create, distribute, and get feedback on a document in a team, that info. would already be out of date.

2. If it's long, no one can ever find it

For the reader, it's a frustrating experience to have to read through a 60 page document in order to find the one section you're looking for. Or think of all the time you wasted as you tried to comb through hundreds of files in a shared drive to find the one that you need.

But when information is broken down into smaller pieces, it allows your team to quickly find what you need, when you need it. That means you spend less time panicking internally about where something is, and can quickly find it and go back to moving work forward.

3. If it's long, no one wants to collaborate

Working together makes things better. It improves processes, increases the speed of work, and allows a team to quickly accomplish their goals.

It's much easier to collaborate collectively around smaller pieces of information. With shorter form content, your team can quickly participate and engage in discussions, and give feedback continuously.

4. If it's long, no one will read it

Your team is busy.  And according to science, you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. (Congrats) People now generally lose concentration after 8 seconds, which highlights  the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain. 

This means teams don't have the time or the patience to spend reading through pages of info that doesn't help them make pressing decisions or move things forward. By making content more concise, it's not only more likely to be read, but quickly gives teams the ability to make rapid decisions as the need arises.

So now what?

For teams of today, they are sharing their short form content in all kinds of places: note taking apps, task apps, chat apps, in emails, side conversations, text messages....which means it's all over the place.

These different tools and applications make it easy to share on a team when its convenient, but none of it is organized enough to ever be found easily again.

So that great insight you had in a team meeting? Buried in your inbox somewhere. (and who sent that email again?) That awesome conversation the Marketing department had in their Slack channel? Lost in a thousand other conversations. You have a team note board in the office where you brainstorm ideas - but none of that is ever accurately captured so it never moves from idea to reality.

Teams need a place that's specifically designed for their bite sized content- a space that not only allows for rapid collaboration, but let's you finally centralize all of that scattered info in one place.

A well organized place optimized for bite sized and highly collaborative content should allow:

  • Your team to create and share anything

  • Keeps all of your content well organized

  • Has a multipurpose UI designed to help capture the who, what, why, when and how of your team



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