Simple Achievement Driven Sales Management

June 26, 2018

Your Sales people want to sell, as they should. They don't want to be bogged down with complicated software doing administrative work. When a system becomes too complicated, its core value to users diminishes quickly. This often happens with sales management tools or CRM's when you can't get the information you need the most  when you need it, while creating way too much administrative overhead. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, and want to save some significant dollars and are just looking for a simple tool to help you track your sales progress, TipHive can solve that for you.

What sales teams and sales leaders want to know the most is what progress is being made. Are we getting any closer to closing new deals? Are there any new opportunities? What changed in our funnel this week? It's the movement through the funnel that gives us the most valuable feedback about our performance.

This is especially true when the funnel is achievement driven. There are many ways to design a sales funnel, but if we are achievement driven, we want the stages in the funnel to reflect an accomplishment that indicates an opportunity has moved in a meaningful way closer to a close.

Here is an example of a sales pipeline based on accomplishments:

  • Lead qualified

  • Contact established

  • Presentation given

  • Needs assessed

  • RFI received

  • Proposal submitted

  • Deal won

To know the status of the pipeline, you want to see a dashboard with all the opportunities across the pipeline, preferably in a Kanban style layout that's visual and easy to follow. To track progress, we want to see what changed this week, this month or whatever date range. This is key. When a pipeline is packed with opportunities, it's hard to follow what actually moved forward. And movement is the key indicator for progress. Nothing moved? No progress.

What else do we need? Information and collaboration. What do we know about the customer? What are their needs? What presentation did we use? Where is the RFI? We want all this information easily accessible and be able to discuss and collaborate around it. We want to keep it simple.

Sales Management with TipHive

If you're looking for a really simple and inexpensive tool to do all of the above, TipHive could be it.




TipHive lets you create Cards. Cards can hold any type of information: Text, images, video, lists, tables, files, links and more. The structure of a Card is not as fixed and more free form than a typical CRM - it's more like note taking. You can put any kind of information in Cards, and organize it anyway you want.


You can create a Topic for your sales pipeline (and you can create many topics and even subtopics for different pipelines). The Kanban view lets you define the pipelines stages in a visual way with a lane for each stage. Add Cards for opportunities and easily drag and drop Cards across lanes as they move from one stage to another.

The Card Movement filter will let you view which Cards moved this week or month - so you can quickly see if and how much progress was made. The more ways you define the steps in your pipeline as achievement driven, the more informative these steps becomes. Whether something is a lead, hot lead or prospect doesn't tell you clear enough what progress was made. But when you define which accomplishments truly move the needle and make the stages in your pipeline, movement from stage to stage becomes much more meaningful.

Information hub


The amount of information gathered around opportunities can be significant. Keep all that information organized so you can actually find it can become a challenge. You can create dedicated Topics for opportunities and customers to keep information organized: notes, research, doc - anything.


To further help your team succeed, you can turn Topics into Wikis to describe best practices around customer meetings, sales do's and don't, sales proposals and so forth. It can include sales training video, job aids, customer FAQ, product information, pricing information and more. It centralizes all your information in one place.

Not your typical CRM maybe, but a very simple and effective tool focussed on what matters most - without the bells and whistles - and for a fraction of the cost.

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