TipHive named Business Software Directory’s 2018 Rising Star for Collaboration Software

August 21, 2018


Collaborating with local or global employees require a lot of planning, assigning of tasks, setting of timelines, tracking of progress, and leaving of important notes, among others. That might sound a lot of work, but we've been hard at work TipHive to make this daunting task a breeze!


According to the customer feedback gathered by FinancesOnline, they have recently crowned us with their prestigious Rising Star award for 2018 based on their research and detailed review of all TipHive features.


Based on the research done by FinancesOnline, TipHive scored a whopping 100 percent user satisfaction rating, indicating that our collaboration platform truly makes collaborative work easier, fun and more organized! This is why we received the SaaS review platform’s Rising Star award for 2018, which is granted to the top software solutions that are increasing in popularity on the market due to positive customer feedback and are seen as a reliable tool by clients.


FinancesOnline deconstructed what makes TipHive popular with users and among the top collaboration tools for virtual teams, stating in their detailed review that our platform provides “unparalleled visibility” over all teams, projects, and other information on a single workspace. According to their experts, this “empowers everyone to work productively as an individual and as part of the collective whole.” TipHive also provides more accountability for teams while boosting team productivity, as stated by the review team.


FinancesOnline also certified TipHive with its 2018 Great User Experience Award for its intuitive interface and great design. This can be attributed to our centralized workspace which is highly flexible and customizable, essentially empowering teams to organize and personalize their workspace however they want.


Be sure to check out the review created by FinancesOnline for more details and check out TipHive if you’re in the market for a collaboration software that focuses on seamless work collaboration with teams.


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