Prioritizing With TipHive

November 21, 2018

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to make a to-do list, but how much harder it is to actually get anything done? There's a secret to knocking out your to-do list, and it's prioritizing.

It only takes about ten minutes for you to prioritize tasks by planning out your day and creating a to-do list. Learning how to effectively prioritize means getting more out of the limited time you have each day and is one of the cornerstones of productivity. Once you know how to properly prioritize, it can help with everything from improving  your time management skills to helping your work life balance.


1. Look at your current Task List


Sarah uses the Task View to see what assignments she needs to complete.


Start by looking over your current workload and evaluating those tasks. Estimate work, set timelines, due dates and decide  if you need any other components to complete the task. On TipHive it's easy to plan around every task, and set any necessary parameters for the task to be completed. Any task that's due soon (or overdue) should immediately count as urgent.



2. Set your Priorities


Sarah uses the Prioritize view to determine which tasks are most urgent.


The prioritize view is helpful for those times when you're drowning under a million things to do, as it allows you to have a clear visual of what's really important and what can wait. Once you've laid out your tasks, aim to get through the urgent and important tasks first so you're not cutting it close against deadlines. Use the Prioritize view to rank tasks from most to least urgent. Whatever you do, aim to avoid the busy work and time waster tasks that are not as urgent as much as possible.


3. Make a prioritized task list for the day



Sarah uses the To-Do View to plan her tasks for the day.


Once you've looked at your tasks, made any necessary planning, and prioritized, you're ready to tackle your day. Use the priorities you set to determine what is reasonable for you to complete for the day, and then use the To-Do View to plan your workload.

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