How TipHive gives you more organization power to go faster

#1 Everything in one place

Notes, Docs & Knowledge

Create, share and organize your notes, wikis, files, links, videos and best practices.

Projects & Tasks

Prioritize, assign, set timelines and goals as ideas move into projects.

Database & Sheets

Organize your information and data with the sheet views.

Integrates with

#2 Make it your own

TipHive doesn't force one way: organize, view, order,

filter, label, design and sort anyway you want.

#3 Instant Knowledge  

Find it with powerful search and filters. Access it anywhere with the browser extension.

#4 Proactive Assistance

Let the bot help you stay on top of things and unclutter your workspace.


#5 Flow

TipHive has 16 views to simplify your workflow from A to Z. 

#6 Visibility

Know thy progress. Track status with % complete, overdue, Kanban, Goals, Burn down and more.

#7 The world is your office

Be productive from anywhere. 

#8 Have some fun!

Give your workspace color! 


Anywhere you go