Make It Happen.

Friyay helps your team Get It Done By Friday (#GIDBF). 

It's the easiest way to manage your team - virtually. 

Get It Done By Friday

Get your entire team focused on reaching weekly goals

Set weekly goals with Team Plan

Jenna is always on the move

She runs Two Chicks Farm with Friyay - virtually


One Team - One Place

To keep things simple and connected, Jenna has ditched a bunch of tools and instead centralized her team activity in one place 


Walk in and connect

Enter your virtual team space and instantly connect with your team

Live team space

Live work sessions



Have a plan

Friyay's simple and unique #GIDBF method helps your team reach its goals every Friday

Team Plan

My Plan

Projects & Tasks

Planning tools

Make it happen

Say it, write it, record it - communicate and collaborate seamlessly to move towards your goals



& Text

Notes & Wikis 

News & Updates

Collaboration tools


"Our team has become incredibly focussed on Getting It Done By Friday. It's fun and motivating!"

Jenna - Two Chicks Farm


Watch progress in real-time

Let Friyay track results and get instant feedback and visibility on your activities

Team results

My Results

My Day

Performance tools

"Because Friyay is so flexible, we use it for training, updates, discussions, video calls, tasks, processes, hiring - anything."

Jeroen - SoldIt

Celebrate your successes

Sprinkle plenty of recognition to boost engagement and motivation



Engagement tools

This very cool feature is currently only available to selected customers 

"With Friyay, managing our team takes very little time, so we can devote our time to making things happen."

Tina - Papa Murphy's

"Friyay has made location a choice, not a dependency. It's easy to stay productive and connected from anywhere." 

Angela - Digital Whisper


New in Friyay 3

"Friyay, what are my tasks today?"

Let the smart team manager assist you and turn your team into a self-managed and motivated team


It's Friyay and all is done!

We're on a mission to make work more flexible, efficient and fun.