Friyay helps your team Get It Done By Friday (#GIDBF).

It's the easiest way to manage your team. 

Make It Happen.

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Customizable Boards

Use boards for organizing just about anything

+8 Collaboration Tools

Wikis, Chats, Video Chats, Notes, Pages




Your team manages itself

Laser focused on goals 

Productive from anywhere

No time wasted on 'managing'

Get your entire team focused on reaching weekly goals.

Whatever way - Get It Done By Friday.


Everyone sets weekly goals and activities


Focus on getting it done with My Plan

Mon - Fri

Daily feedback on progress

Mon - Fri

See the results on Friday!



+12 Planning Tools

Manage projects, sprints, timelines, burndown and more

+6 Performance Tools

Track completion, hours, points and custom fields

It's Friyay and all is done!


It's motivating to have autonomy and ownership over your own plan and also see how the team is making progress during the week. Everyone wants to succeed.

Jeroen - SoldIt

Being able to assign Bonus Points helps focus the team on what's most urgent and valued.

Tina - Papa Murphy's

Our team has become incredibly focused on Getting It Done By Friday. It's fun and motivating!

Jenna - Two Chicks Farm

How to manage a project with Friyay

Can Friyay organize it?

Week-box your work.

Friyay structures all your work in a time-box of a week or whatever you prefer.

It creates focus, urgency and clarity - lifting your team on top of it's game.

Watch the GIDBF introduction video.

Much more than a tool

Find a great coach to help your team reach the next goal.