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Turn cars into race cars

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The Productivity App designed to free up your screen time

With Friyay's Modular Boards, your team becomes a self-managed autonomous team.

How to stay organized without all the back and forth?

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Autonomous Teams

A more productive and fulfilling approach to teamwork

'Friyay helps me and my team stay organized no matter what we need to get done or where we're working from.'

Nikki Delventhal

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Create collaborative super hubs and waste no time getting things done.

Tool Builder

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Every Team needs a place.

To stay aligned, you need more than a 'folder' or better doc or table

Organize anyway

Make it perfect for you. Each team member their own setups.

Add anything

Fewer places to go.

Transform anytime

It doesn't matter how you started. 

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From top view to deep dive - get the info you want at any level.

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