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Friyay helps

Turn cars into race cars

Turn startups into rocket ships

Turn seeds into sauerkrauts

Turn healthcare into shopping

Turn flowers into floral art

The Productivity App designed to free up your screen time

Easily organized

wherever, whenever or however you work - without the sweat.

Always in sync

The biggest toolbox of all keeps everything and everyone connected in one app and within one click away.


No heavy lifting here. Friyay's giant toolbox lets teams self manage. That's right, sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Perfect for you

Friyay's modular Boards let you create all kinds of setups for whatever way is best for you and your team.

Dive right in

Get going in minutes - Friyay's infinite Board levels let you organize as you go with incredible flexibility - nothing will ever get too big.

Self-organize with tools for mission driven autonomous teams