create your view on your work

with Views and Lenses you can personalize how you organize your work while keeping a shared perspective with your (remote) team

one source of purpose and focus

in friyay, work is organized in Views - the smart alternative to the dozens of tools teams use to stay organized and on track  

infinite points of View

Views have Lenses - each Lens is a different perspective on the View - there are Lenses for planning, prioritizing, tracking, note taking, knowledge sharing and more 

works for everyone on the team

each team member can configure their own Lenses to personalize any View with layouts, filters, grouping, sorting and design - for better planning, more focus, faster collaboration and better visibility


Lenses for sprints, lists, timelines, action plans, boards, workflows, calendars with

infinite levels of organization


Lenses to move your work forward and organize your tasks, notes, files and pages


Lenses with a gazillion ways to track: project speed, ETA, completion, log time, estimation, sheets, velocity, budget 

so instead of work being scattered across many places with each one perspective friyay keeps everything in one place with infinite perspectives

organize what?


Lenses can organize notes, tasks, projects, knowledge, files and more

keeps it all together

organize how?


customize the layout, filters, sorting, grouping and design 

works for everyone

organize when?

real time

who's working on what, team activity, track progress, tag, notify, comment

makes your team agile

take a seat and create your view

customer projects

design your way