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Teamwork Drivers

The 4 drivers of Big Picture Clarity get your team to its destination every time. Learn more.



A 30 second survey to measure how aligned your team is. Learn more.



Designed to make teamwork work through Big Picture Clarity and Aligned Autonomy. Learn more.



We are experts in team building through clarity.

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'Friyay helps me and my team stay organized and aligned no matter what we need to get done or where we're working from.'

Nikki Delventhal

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Make Teamwork work

Friyay is a place for teams where ideas are born, shaped and realized - a white board with the full power of a database - a simple way to get your team in flow and make it happen. It's Friday and all is done!

How? Through Clarity. Learn more.


If getting your team to the next level of teamwork is your goal, get in touch to learn more about our team building best practices.   

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Make a wave together

We are a member of The Team Building Network - an initiative by team building veterans and executives from organizations such as Fidelity, ING, Apple and Volvo - to teach and enable team building best practices.