Friyay helps

Turn cars into race cars

Turn startups into rocket ships

Turn seeds into sauerkrauts

Turn healthcare into shopping

Turn flowers into floral art

'Friyay helps me and my team stay organized no matter what we need to get done or where we're working from.'

Nikki Delventhal

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team and project collaboration

The Collaboration App

Easily create collaboration spaces for your team and projects.

The Success Maker

Get It Done By Friday

The easiest way to get stuff done - Watch Video

Running your business or project is like going on a trip. Based on 30 years of lessons learned, these 4 team drivers help you get there every time.

The Team Accelerator Indicator: 30 second survey to assess at what level your team is operating as one. have synergy: when the combined power of a group working together is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately or...teamwork at its best.

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