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Accelerate your team through clarity

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Step 3: Dream

Where are we going?

Create the Timeline to set your milestones and get your team laser focussed. You can do this in the Friyay app or whatever tool you like to use. Heck, put it on a piece of paper if that works for you.

Time: 1 hour discussion with your team.

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Step 4: Plan

How do we get there?

Clarify what needs to get done to achieve the mission. Friyay lets you create powerful yet simple action plans that automatically are turned into weekly plans across your team members. Or use any other place to list your tasks and actions. Use a Friyay Board to link to all the places where team information is located to keep it all central.

Time: Let team members create action plans. On Friyay those automatically turn into weekly plans that make it super easy to track. Does not need to take much time.

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Step 5: Get going & Track

Where are we?

Create a dashboard to visualize progress and what success looks like. Again, you can do this anywhere you prefer. Link it all together in a Friyay Board, so people know where to go to find the information they need.

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Step 6: Repeat Survey

Do another survey with your team and see if gaps have been closed and alignment improved, to help your team accelerate. Rinse and repeat to continuously accelerate. Work smarter, not harder.

Or book a teamwork coaching session. Learn more.

Step 1: Survey

In your next team meeting, do the survey together with your team. You will have instant clarity in what area your team needs clarification to accelerate. Learn more about the Teamwork Survey here.

Time: 2 minutes for sharing the survey. 1 hour discussion with your team. You will reduce drag on your team and win that time back within a week.

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Step 2: Centralize

Next, create a single place and add or link ONLY the important information, wherever it may be - so that the team can see the forest for the trees.

Time: 15 minutes. Simply link wherever stuff is into a Friyay Board. We don't need you to replace any tool. Just clarify for your team where things are and what really matters.

Keep Friyay as your clean and uncluttered teamwork space. Less is better. You don't need another jungle with spamming monkeys.

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