Your Success

We love being part of your success. We help by making your team flow through clarity. Clarity is the jet fuel for teamwork.

Make Teamwork work

Friyay's Teamwork Survey data shows that there is a strong relationship between clarity and team performance. The more clarity, the more confidence, the stronger the team connections, the more synergy. Synergy is the extra power teamwork can yield to boost performance.

Get Clarity

It's simple! Running your team is just like going on a trip.

We help you clarify 4 questions and get your entire team on the same page. That's how you build a team through clarity.

  • Where are you going?

  • How do you get there?

  • Where are you at?

  • Are you having fun?​​​​​​​​​​​​

How it works

Step 1: 1 hr Introduction meeting

Discuss your Teamwork needs and Clarity Best Practice

Step 2: Do Teamwork Survey with team

Step 3: 1 hr meeting to discuss survey data and make plan to address any gaps

Book an Introduction Session to discuss your teamwork experience (in English and Dutch). 

Loose the drag

It turns out people tend to have divers understanding of your mission, plan and progress. When people are not on the (same) bus or page, teamwork is broken and that's a drag. Fix it with clarity.

Team Builder Training

12 weeks to Clarity and become a master team builder.

In collaboration with The Team Building Network.
Learn more.

We are team builders

How to create a better Teamwork experience.

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