Teamwork isn't always easy.

1. Mission

Where do we go?

What does your team aim to accomplish?

What are your goals, intentions and purpose?

Is everyone on board? Do you believe it? Does it align? Do you feel the passion? Is this what you really want?

In this step you define your achievement timeline in the Mission selection session.

2. Drive

How do we get there?


Who is on the bus? Who is driving the bus? How do you plan to get there? What tools do you bring? Do you have the knowledge? How does the team communicate? Learn? Collaborate? Are there any obstacles? Do you have everything you need? How do you solve problems?

In this step you define your plan of action or Mission Plan in the Mission planning session.

3. Celebration

Where are we?

What does success look like?

How do you celebrate it?

How do you keep track of progress?

In this step your define your dashboard which is reviewed in frequent Pit Stop sessions.

4. Connection

Are we having fun?

Does the team have positive chemistry?

Do people get along?

Is there trust and is there a supportive work culture?

In this step your assess your team chemistry with the Team Accelerator Indicator Survey in the team connection sessions.

Teamwork simplified.

What we've learned: running a business or project is just like going on a trip and there are 4 drivers that get you to your destination every time.

It requires people to align and be coordinated, as if operating as one.

The Team Accelerator Indicator: 30 second survey to assess at what level your team is operating as one.

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