1. Mission

Where are we going?

What does your team aim to accomplish?

What are your goals, intentions and purpose?

Is everyone on board? Do you believe it? Does it align? Do you feel the passion? Is this what you really want?

In a team session define your Achievement timeline.

2. Plan

How do we get there?


Who is on the bus? Who is driving the bus? How do you plan to get there? What tools do you bring? Do you have the knowledge? How does the team communicate? Learn? Collaborate? Are there any obstacles? Do you have everything you need? How do you solve problems?

In a team session define your Team Setup.

3. Progress

Where are we?

What does success look like?

How do you celebrate it?

How do you keep track of progress?

In team sessions define and review your Dashboard.

4. Joy

Are we having fun?

Does the team have positive chemistry?

Do people get along?

Is there trust and is there a supportive work culture?

In your team meeting, do the Teamwork Survey to get instant clarity.

Let's make Teamwork work.

Check out the get started page.

Teamwork Drivers

The 4 drivers of Big Picture Clarity get your team to its destination every time. Learn more.

Teamwork Survey

A 30 second survey to measure how aligned your team is. Learn more.

Teamwork App

Designed to make teamwork work through Clarity and Aligned Autonomy. It's a better way to enable teamwork. Learn more.



We are experts in team building through clarity.

Learn more.

It requires people to align and be coordinated, as if operating as one.

Teamwork isn't always easy.

But it doesn't need to be that hard.

Feeding your teams' roots with clarity will make your business grow and blossom. It's the fuel for synergy in your team.

Because when Teamwork works, your dream and business works.

It's time to simplify Teamwork

Friyay's Solution: 

When it doesn't work, it's chaos!

Getting started is super easy. 

Friyay's Teamwork Survey data shows that Big Picture Clarity makes teamwork work. It boosts team performance.

Teamwork becomes a drag when not everyone is on the (same) bus.  

Synergy enables Aligned Autonomy: when you don't need to push and pull anymore and it just flows. It's teamwork at its best.

Once your team has synergy, everything becomes so much easier. It gives you that extra power great teamwork yields.

You get Big Picture Clarity by answering 4 simple questions to align your team. It's just like going on a trip.

Teamwork Drivers

Sounds too simple? Do the 30 second Friyay Teamwork Survey with your team and find out how aligned your team really is. It may surprise you.