The Joy of Teamwork

Shannice Singletary


Joost Wentink


What we care about?

Time and time again we have experienced that when a team is at its best, great things are achieved. It really does take teamwork to make the dream work. And it's really fun when that happens, magical even.

What's our approach?

We have learned that synergy is what makes great team work, that synergy grows through connections, and that connections grow through clarity. Clarity is what you need to have a great team. And it only takes clarifying four questions to get there. You can learn more about our coaching sessions here and the platform features.

What's our plan?

We have a long term view on unlocking the full potential and joy of teamwork. On a daily basis that means we keep removing barriers and friction teams run into when wanting to work together. That's our life's work. We hope you'll find value in our tools.

Why we created Friyay?

With 30 years of experience in leading teams we understand working as a team is not always easy. The role teamwork plays in creating success and how to make teamwork work is still often misunderstood. How do you create a great team collaboration experience? Based on our findings, we created the Friyay approach and platform to help teams create better collaboration experiences.  

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