Two years ago, our team decided to go fully remote.


Well, we didn't think we needed to be shackled to a desk to be productive.

Long commutes, unproductive office hours, inflexible schedules - it just didn't seem to fit with today's modern life style.

So we went on a journey to become location independent and to be productive anytime and anywhere.

The Future of Work is Flexible

From Shannice, Co-Founder

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Inspiration from unexpected places

The main hurdle to overcome was how to keep time spent on 'management' to the absolute minimum.

We wanted our team to manage 'itself'.

The break through for us happened when we made the connection with our experience training for long distance sports.

You set a goal, have a weekly plan, get frequent feedback and watch your results. We wanted something as simple for our team.

This is how Get It Done By Friday was born.

Designed for small businesses

We love the hustle of a small business and we have made it our focus to make Friyay specifically for them.

Early on we connected with Jenna, who runs Two Chicks Farm. Her operation was our second inspiration for the development of Friyay.

We wanted to develop something really simple but with the power to be a full-on work management system - without the need to stitch together a bunch of apps.

So we added boards and made them entirely customizable. You can use boards for wikis, notes, sprints, timelines, chat, video chat and more.

Give Friyay a try and let us know what you think!