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Basic Team member​


Basic Team members can create and access boards, notes, tasks, knowledge, chats, video chats and +90 Tools to collaborate with your team.

It includes project management, timelines, databases, file management, wikis and everything you need to clarify and organize.


  • Space membership access

  • Real-time editing

  • Create Boards and Cards

  • ​+90 Board Tools​​​​​​​​

  • Create Chats and Video Chats

  • Add Card Comments



Guests can be added to a Space to access only certain boards within the Space.


  • Restricted Space access

  • Real-time editing

  • Create Boards and Cards

  • Create Chats and Video Chats

  • Add Card Comments​​​​​​​​

External Team member (collaborator)​


External Team members can be added to a board without getting access to the Space.


  • No Space access

  • Selected Board access

  • Real-time editing

  • Create Cards on accessible boards

  • Add Card Comments​​​​​​​​​​

Team Member​


A Team member includes everything of a Basic Team member plus the personalization and customization features. Each team member can have their own setup to optimize your individual workflow to get more done faster. Even per Board each team member can have their own individual unique way of organizing.


  • Choose your own Tools per Board​

  • ​Customize with filters, orders and grouping​​​​​​​​

  • ​Create your own personalized board setups with everything you need to get work done​​​​​​​​​​

  • Customize Board design

  • Personalize UI settings

  • Create Templates

  • Personalize alerts and reminders

Team Lead​


The Team Lead includes everything of the Team member plus power features such as creating new Custom Tools to organize a board in unique ways for the team, setting team defaults, adding integrations and managing board settings.

Extra permissions:

  • Configure and create Tools

  • Set Team Defaults

  • Add Integrations

  • Add Members

  • ​Set Board permissions​​​​​​​​

Space admin​


Space admins can create and manage the Team Survey and have access to all master Space Settings.

Extra permissions: ​​

  • Manage Space settings

  • Manage Space membership

  • Manage member permissions

  • Define Board and Card types

  • Manage integrations

  • Create Team Survey

  • Billing​​​​​​

Space owner​


Extra permissions:

  • Delete/Archive Spaces

Unlimited Everything '22 for life!

$789 Paid annually ($65.75 per month)

or $99 Paid monthly

What's included:

The App Subscription

Unlimited Users, All Features - all you need.



Online Tutorials for step by step instruction.

Live sessions with a coach for a step by step guidance with you and your team until fully accelerated. In these sessions we facilitate the survey, clarify your direction and plan and streamline the tools you use to accelerate your team.