light workspace

for light creation, organization and planning


/ workspace / month

pro workspace

add more Lenses for more advanced organization 


/ workspace / month

$99 if paid monthly

max workspace

unlimited Lenses for self organized teams


/ workspace / month

$124 if paid monthly

unlimited users

5 Lenses

(lets you save filters, layout, design, etc)

$8 per user for unlimited setups 

unlimited users

50 custom Lenses

(lets you save filters, layout, design, etc)

+$19 for unlimited additional workspaces

1 to 20 users

unlimited custom Lenses

(lets you save filters, layout, design, etc)

+$45 for unlimited additional workspaces

$8 per additional user

features explained


Workspaces are the private spaces where everything starts. You can create as many as you want and everyone gets a personal workspace as well.


Views are a flexible way to organize, plan, create, collaborate and track. 


Lenses are view configurations. You can create customized Lenses that include  layouts, filters, sorting and grouping. 


Cards are quick and fun way to create and share just about anything: notes, tasks, pages, files, etc


You can set access permission at every level from workspace all the way down to the card level. There are different types of workspace members, such as guests and admins. You can also create teams to make it easy to share with a list of members.


You can search using the search in the app, while in Slack and with the Chrome browser extension.   


Rich text editor with real-time collaboration: add images, tables, video, files and more

version history

keep track of changes and versions


Tracks progress speed and predicts completion date

Chrome extension

You can install the Chrome extension to easily bookmark and take notes while surfing the web.


You can connect friyay to other apps: Slack, Google drive, Trello, Chrome, Gmail, DropBox, Box, Zapier and more

admin tools

Remove workspace members

Set member roles and permissions

Configure single sign-on

Export content