Friyay in a Nutshell

In Friyay, everything is organized with Views. If you know how to use Google Drive, then understanding the way Friyay uses Views will be easy for you. Views are just like the folders you use in Google Drive in that you can store notes, files, tasks, data, and knowledge in them.

However, a View is more powerful than a folder because you can turn a View into whatever you need. A View can be a list of notes or a board of tasks. It can also be tasks shown on a timeline or an activity calendar.

You can use Views to make a wiki or a knowledge base.

You can even use a View to make a detailed action plan.

In Friyay, you have the freedom to configure and change your Views at any time. Want to see your project on a Kanban board and then switch over to seeing it on a calendar? No problem! Friyay makes it quick and easy to view your project any way you want to.

You can create Subviews within a View, just like you would have subfolders in Google Drive. Each Subview can be configured any way you want because it is independent of the View it is created within. Items within a Subview automatically roll up to the main View they are a part of, but you can always go in and modify what is shared with the main View if you choose to do so.



Subviews come in handy when you have a large project that you want to break down into groups of tasks that you want to assign to multiple departments within your company. Each department can then have their own View of the project (the Subview) with the tasks that are assigned to them and you can have your main View that includes all of the tasks.

An Individual Subview

Views let you bring everything you need in one place, which increases your efficiency.

The video below shows a visual representation of how Views work in Friyay.

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