2 Remote Working Tips You Can Implement Now

As a team that has been working remotely for years, we have learned a few productivity hacks over the years. Here are two of our most impactful remote working tips that you can implement today.

1) Schedule blocks of times for activities each day

It’s easy to get distracted when working from home, especially if you share a space with other people or are responsible for completing tasks at home. We’ve found that scheduling blocks of time for your regular activities each day can help to divide your work time from your personal time and reduce the urge to do housework or other activities during the times you are accustomed to working. 

Common blocks of time to schedule during your day:

  • working time

  • meal time

  • leisure time

  • wellness time

  • personal time

It’s important to share either your working time blocks or your entire schedule with the people you share a space with so that they are aware of your schedule and know not to distract you during working time. Separation between work and other activities at home is crucial for successfully working remote.

2) Create a daily and weekly action plan for yourself

In order to stay on task during your day, it’s important to define the tasks you will be working on. We have found that creating both a daily action plan and weekly action plan for yourself will help you stay organized and stay clear on what you need to get done.

With Action Plans in Friyay, you can:     

  • break down your tasks into manageable sub-tasks

  • set due dates for your tasks

  • prioritize your work

  • estimate your time to complete each task on your list

  • share with your team what you are working on in order to increase visibility

Action plans allow you and your team to be clear on what everyone is working on and feel a sense of accomplishment when you are able to check tasks off on your plan. Read more about Action Plans in this blog post.

We hope that these simple tips will have a positive impact on your remote working. You can try out Friyay for free and set up your own Action Plan by signing up here: https://friyayapp.io/join