A Place to Call Home

Every team needs a place to call home. With Friyay, your team can stay organized, together, and on track - your way - wherever you are. At Friyay, we use Friyay as our home base. We use it to plan our tasks for the day, put together action plans for the week, organize projects, and keep all of our documents in one place. In addition to planning and organizing our work, we use Friyay to stay engaged as a team. We comment on cards, @mention specific people on cards when we want to get their attention, Like each other’s cards, post daily updates for the team in a Feed called “Team updates and news”, and view the Score Card when we want to check on our weekly progress or another team member’s progress (learn more about Friyay’s engagement features in this blog post). Everyone at Friyay uses Friyay from the time they start working to the time they stop.

Below is an example company workspace to give you an idea of some of the things a company can gather information for and keep track of in Friyay. For this example company, they are using Friyay for their 2020 Plan, How we work, Customer Projects, Team updates, Hiring, Customer proposals, Leads, Marketing best practices, Website redesign, Stock images, Partners, Sales presentations, Product Bugs, and their Product roadmap.

To give you an idea of the types of activities you and your team can do in Friyay throughout the day and the Friyay feature you would use for each activity, we compiled a few examples for you below:

Activity: Catch up on activity

Friyay Lens: Feed

Activity: List your daily tasks

Friyay Lens: Todo

Activity: List tasks and breakdown work

Friyay Lens: Action Plan, create sub-action plans for focus

Activity: Prioritize tasks

Friyay Lens: Prioritize Board

Activity: Plan work on a timeline

Friyay Lens: Timeline

Activity: Assign tasks to your team members

Friyay Lens: Assign Board

Activity: Sprint management

Friyay Lens: Sprint Board

Activity: Time logging

Friyay Lens: Time Log

Activity: Store files

Friyay Lens: File List

Activity: Find important company information

Friyay Lens: Wiki

Activity: Comment on a task your teammate is working on

Friyay Engagement Feature: Commenting

Activity: Edit a card together

Friyay Engagement Feature: Real time card editing

Activity: Get feedback on a task you’re working on from a team member

Friyay Engagement Feature: @mention in comments

As you can see from the examples, Friyay is customizable and can be personalized to the roles and needs of everyone on your team whether they are a planner, maker, or tracker. You can try out performing the previously mentioned activities in Friyay for yourself for free by signing up here.