Remote Teams Need to Shift Their Management Style to Self-Management

Up until this point, when we have talked about “management” it traditionally has meant one person or a group of people who oversee the work of others within an organization and who are the gatekeepers that determine where, when, and how the work of their subordinates is done. Management is essential for any organization to be productive. However, we believe the idea of management is shifting and needs to shift to being the responsibility of workers in order for remote teams to thrive.

The Shift to Self-Management

It’s nearly impossible for remote workers who work during different times of the day around the world to be managed in a traditional way by a single person who might not be working at the same time as them. Remote teams that have implemented self-management for their workers have put the responsibility of determining where, when, and how work is done on workers themselves. This empowers workers to work in whatever way they feel they will be the most efficient and effective in their role, and ultimately get their work done. In order for self-management to work, trust and visibility into the work that is being done is necessary for managers.

What We’re Not Saying

We want to be clear that we’re not saying “Managers” will go away within organizations. We believe managers will take on a greater role in mentoring their teams, leadership development, and as subject matter experts. They will still need to verify that the work of their subordinates is getting done and pull in additional resources if the work is not getting done.

Friyay - The Self-Management Platform for Remote Teams

We believe Friyay is the platform that will enable remote teams to become fully self-managed. Friyay gives workers the freedom to organize their projects and tasks in a way that makes sense for them. Teams on Friyay have full visibility into the status of projects, who on the team is working on a task, which tasks have been completed, and due dates. Team members stay engaged with each other on Friyay through the use of comments, @mentions, likes, feeds, and the scorecard (read more about Friyay’s engagement features in this blog post). With Friyay, teams stay organized, together, and on track - their way - wherever they are.

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