Context Switching Between Tools Is Killing Your Productivity

How many tools do you use during a work day? Are you finding that you’re spending just as much time, if not more, switching between tools, reading updates in each tool, and transferring information from one tool to another as you are actually working on tasks? You definitely can’t do your best work or reach your optimal productivity level if your attention is scattered across the multiple tools you use each day.

This study found that people average about two minutes using any electronic tool or paper document before switching. The data from the study also highlights that information technology design needs to support people in maintaining continuity of their working spheres (a combination of interrelated tasks).

Friyay was designed to be used throughout your entire work day to centralize your notes, tasks, knowledge, projects, files, and lists. Unlike other tools that notify every user when anything happens in a workspace, the notifications in Friyay were designed to only alert you for items you are directly connected to or working on. With Friyay, you can reduce your time spent switching between tools and stay focused on your projects and tasks, increasing your productivity.

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