Autonomous Teams

A more productive and fulfilling approach to teamwork

What is an autonomous team?

A team that is self-managed. In our definition that means a team that can reach its goals with minimal 'management' effort.

Does that actually work?

Yes! By overcoming information and communication gaps within teams, team members have all they need to effectively collaborate and get work down.

Aren't people going to slack off?

No! The opposite is true actually. When people are given the freedom to manage their own work, they tend to be more productive. However, it does require the right Tools to unlock that productivity.

How does it work?

With over 25 years experience in working with autonomous teams, we have learned that there are 4 elements that make autonomous teams work.

3. Take Action

The execution of the plan requires collaboration across the team. That means brain storming, researching, defining, developing, getting feedback and so forth. Autonomous teams need Tools to effectively communicating through the process.

4. Track Progress

Tracking progress is what puts trust in the process and provides the essential feedback to the team whether you are on the right track. Autonomous teams need full transparency.

1. Set Goals

The goal is the motivational driver of a team. This kicks off the autonomous teamwork process. Teams can set their own goals or be given goals by leadership.

2. Make Plans

Having a clear plan is essential for any team, even more so for autonomous teams. It has to be clear to everyone on the team who is doing what and when to achieve the goal.

What are the benefits?

At a minimum, applying tools to let teams self manage will save you a lot of time by reducing the back and forth (endless meetings, chats, emails, etc). Above that, team members tend to be more engaged, creative, agile, innovative and satisfied at work.

How does Friyay help?

Friyay has all the Tools autonomous teams need to set goals, make plans, take action and track progress - connecting everything and everyone in one place to close information and communication gaps.