Creating a team wiki or knowledge base

If you want to share and organize some less structured bite sized information, such as links or research, use the Notes tool.


It's a list of cards used as notes. Each card has the rich text editor to write up your notes and share information.

Great for meeting notes, sharing links, news, market trends, research, etc.

Boards have tools to help you create simple to large knowledge bases.

For light documentation, a board can simply be a page with the Page tool. It's like a document in Google Docs.

It uses a rich text editor to write, insert images, lists, tables and so forth.

You can use the Pages tool if you like to have multiple separate pages on one board.

Great for team goals/strategy, clarify a process or policy, sharing a best practice.

For larger knowledge bases, use the Wiki tool. It lets you create many pages with sub pages. 


It has easy navigation in a collapsable tree menu.


You can easily order the pages with drag and drop.

The editor has version history and real-time concurrent editing.

Great for product training, sales playbooks, employee onboarding, HR guides, etc.